My Services

Here's the list of fun, challenging and entertaining services I offer aimed at making you fitter, healthier and feel good:

Personal Training

Fun, diverse and challenging session customised to reach your individual goals.

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Postnatal Assessment

Assessment at your home of how you and your body are feeling post birth.

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PT Parties

Fun Personal Training Parties in the comfort of a home environment.

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Pre & Post Natal Training

Specialised training sessions and advice to help you through all stages of pregnancy.

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Nutrition Advice

Sound nutritional advice to give you a clearer understanding of food enabling you to eat well.

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Online Sessions

Online one-to-one personal training sessions and classes for small groups and couples.

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Menopause Consultations

Information and education to help minimise and ease the changes in your body.

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TSCP Classes

Tots, Squats and Coffee Pots social fitness classes where you can bring your little ones.

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About Me

My aim as Your Personal Health & Fitness Coach is to enable you to meet your wellness objectives in a fun way.

I named my company Vivacity UK Ltd because I love the concept of people being ‘vivacious, animated and full of life’ and I thoroughly enjoy helping people feel energised and good about themselves.

Kelly health and fitness coach

What our customers say

Hundreds of people got benefit of my programs.

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18 April 2018
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11 April 2018
Fat loss, health tips, healthy eating, healthy lifestyle.

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